Maturing in Prayer Class


When a disciple asked Jesus how to pray, He started with “Our Father in heaven…” He was teaching us that we are adopted as dearly loved sons and daughters of God. This is something we have become very familiar with… to our detriment.

The One who is the Most Excellent and Dearest Father wants to draw closer to his precious children. He delights in doing this through prayer. And as much as God is eager to meet with us, He also desires to grow us up, mature us into the mighty woman of God you were created to be.

In this class, we will dig into the foundations of prayer throughout the Bible and build our faith and prayers into a stronger confidence in God and our relationship with Him.

Whether you are just beginning this journey, have been walking this way a while, or have spent years and years with God in prayer, this class will be extremely useful for you.

Session One Audio – What is Prayer?

What is prayer? Talking to God? Well, kind of. Why should we pray if God already knows? The posture we take in approaching God in prayer demonstrates what we believe about Him. Join us as we establish the basics of connecting with God in prayer.

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Session Two Audio (Cut Short) – The Lord’s Prayer

For this class, we discussed the strategy Jesus gave for prayer. Most can say the Lord’s prayer, but do you understand the purposes behind what Jesus taught? Join us as we break it down verse by verse.

(*Note: I didn’t record the entire class, because my phone battery died! Sorry! If you’d like to know more about what we discussed, you can download the class outline below.)

Part One

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To watch the John Piper video, click here.

Part Two

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Free PDF of J.Vernon McGee’s book on the Lord’s Prayer, click here.
Click this link to download the session outline: MiP Session 2 Outline A

Session Three – Worship & Prayer

The most powerful combination of weapons we have as Christians is worship and prayer. Learn how worship can boost the power in your prayers through attitude, posture, and daily living.

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Session Four – Listening Prayer & Meditation

Are you listening when you pray? In this session, we discuss how to promote communication in our relationship with God. We also talk about how meditation is an essential spiritual discipline for all believers. God intended it before Eastern Religion was even established. Join us as we dive deeper into how we can hear from God.

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Session Five – Intercessory & Healing Prayer

The troubles of this world can seem overwhelming, and in sympathy, you can be drawn away by distraction to pray for whatever comes to mind. But God doesn’t want you to pray for just anything. Instead, he assigns people to you, to pray on their behalf.

Join us as we talk about this and what to do when God doesn’t answer your prayers.

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Session Six – Praying in Tongues

If you think of the most amazing wrapped present you have ever seen, would you be afraid to open it? Would you be worried about what is inside? Of course not!

Join us as we learn about such a beautiful gift, and how it is a thing to be desired and received with joy.

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