Celebrate Summer Salads!

It is full-on summer right now, and Seattle has beenĀ especially gorgeous this year. Almost constant sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s is really spoiling us. We haven’t seen a raindrop in months…And that’s fine with us. We know that come January, there will be plenty to go around.

As I shared in an earlier post, I take delight in immersing my senses in the seasons by exploring the bounty of the current time of year.

When you think of summer, what flavor comes to mind?

For me, the smell and flavor is Basil.

So fresh and earthy, crisp with licorice undertones, I dip my nose into a bunch of fresh basil and breathe deep the aroma as I do a bouquet of flowers.

Lately, I keep fresh basil on hand for a new salad I discovered. With my home full of boys, a green salad is not going to satisfy. But this recipe, adapted from Relish.com, provides hearty portions that leaves everyone satisfied.