Post from the Past: “I have breast cancer.”

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The thought kept rolling over and over in my mind. “I have breast cancer.” I understood what it meant, but it just kept tumbling through my thoughts like laundry in the dryer. As John and I sat and listened to the nurse explain the situation, I felt as though I knew it was possible, from the stinging pain that remained two days after the rigorous biopsies…. but how could I have cancer? I am 37. I’m in fairly good shape and love eating well and exercising….

The kind nurse thoroughly pushed us through as brief of an explanation as you can get on “invasive ductal carcinoma”. I have three that are 7mm, 7mm, and 13 mm. They are rapidly multiplying at a rate of 100 days. So in three months they will have doubled. They need to be surgically removed, and because they are about 4cm apart, I qualify for a lumpectomy. Before any more decisions about treatment are made, the doctors need to know if there is anything they missed. So, I am going in on Weds. morning for an MRI of both breasts. If they don’t find anything else, then we go ahead with the lumpectomy. If they do find more… well, the way the nurse put it, “this kind of thing evolves as you go along”. Well said.

Welcome to my newest adventure. Breast Cancer….