It's a Wonderfully Disrupted Life

How do we handle the frequent disruptions that hold us back from finding the normal life we often struggle for? Thousands of years ago, an entire world was disrupted when a tiny baby was born in a humble stable of Bethlehem.

Putting the "Fun" Back in Dysfunction This Holiday Season

Ten tips for dodging family dysfuction this holiday season. Enjoy a classic Christmas movie quiz as you revisit the reasons why you don't want to be around your family for the holidays.

The Way God Sees Me: Free eBook

So many things challenge our idea of what God thinks of us: feelings, circumstances, relationships, etc.. We all need some fresh perspective on who we are. As I created this study, I prayed you would experience a fresh view of God’s love for you and delight in the way He watches over you.

Celebrated as a Survivor

Life after cancer can be odd. Shanna shares her struggle and gives an honest perspective of what it can be like to survive.

Everyone's Emptiness

At the core of who we are as humans is the desire to be loved… Not just romantically, but as a brother, sister, mother, uncle, neighbor, or friend. We want to be cared for, thought of, included and connected.

How Do You Remember Such A Day?

What makes a day memorable? The significance of a day often comes from celebration. We find someone’s birthday a special event to be enjoyed every year with balloons, gifts and cake. A day may also be stamped into our memory when there is death. We will never forget when we lost someone dear to us. Another reason we remember the significance of a day is because of accomplishment. High school graduation is a time of memory making (and money making, according to Jostens). It could also be a personal achievement, like the first (and last) time you ran a 5k race.

Maturing in Prayer Class

When asked how to pray, Jesus started with “Our Father in heaven…” This is something we have become very familiar with… to our detriment. In this class, we will dig into the foundations of prayer throughout the Bible and build our faith and prayers into a stronger confidence in God and our relationship with Him. Whether you are just beginning this journey or have been walking awhile, this class will be extremely useful for you.

5 Pain-Free Meal Planning Tips

I love eating food, I love thinking about food, I love talking about food and I love making delicious things to eat. I think I can fairly say that everyone loves eating something yummy. And we all get the opportunity to do that multiple times a day. (Yay!) Because I love to think about food, it isn’t hard to pick what meals I want to make for my family. The trouble comes when you have to make that decision over and over and over again, every…single…day.

That Must Have Been a Really Long Day

I wonder what it was like the day after Jesus was crucified? What was going through the minds of HIs friends? As we look back at scripture, we can piece together what must have been a very long day.

A Dying Art of Brain Building

As a kid, I remember my grandparents always had a table set aside in their den, in their dining room, in the corner of their kitchen, wherever they could find a place for it. The table was always covered with pieces of the latest jigsaw puzzle they were working on. They kept it out and routinely worked away at it, bit by bit.

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