“S” is for Spring… and Strawberry Scones

It’s finally Spring! And the best way to celebrate is with this delicate bread that serves as a breakfast, snack or dessert. This is one of my favorite scones to make, and it was adapted from the America’s Test Kitchen recipe. Rich with cream and butter, this scone also has a crispy crust to give it Read More

Fears of the New Year

Anybody else feeling anxious about the new year? Before the Christmas decorations come down, the stores are inundated with calendars and planners to buy before January 1st. Traditionally, the question is “What are your new year resolutions?” My knee-jerk reaction is to cringe when I hear this. You see, I have deep-rooted struggles with expectations. Read More

Putting the “Fun” Back in Dysfunction This Holiday Season

With today’s technological advances, you can observe the comedy of maladjusted persons from the safety of your couch while enjoying a bowl of popcorn. Holiday movies are a unique goldmine of family flaws and mishaps. You may almost find it therapeutic to watch other people’s relatives experience funky dynamics and disastrous circumstances. How many books Read More

What Does Fall Taste Like?… Muffins!

What do you think Fall tastes like? Many proclaim the glories of an infamous caffeinated drink distributor’s seasonal latte. It has become such a seasonal obsession that painfully infatuated masses dive into a pit of despair when the flavored syrups are not officially released in stores yet. In recent years, the PSL craze has grown Read More